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Joint Commission Updated Adverse Event Statistics (2015)


Wrong-site, wrong-patient, and wrong-procedure surgery continues to be the adverse event most frequently reported to the Joint Commission, with 1,196 such events reported through September 30, 2015, according to recently updated statistics provided by the Joint Commission. The next most frequently reported events include unintended retention of a foreign bodies(1,072), delay in treatment (1,035), suicide (932), and surgical complications (904). The most frequently reported events in 2015 reflect the overall data since 2004 presented above, with one exception: falls, with 66 reported events in 2015, was the fourth most frequently reported event during the calendar year despite being sixth most frequently reported overall. More than half (57%) of the reported adverse events resulted in patient death, followed by unexpected additional care (26.5%) and permanent loss of function (8.9%).




Reference for the updated statistics:




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